Activities / Events at PCC LEAH

At PCC LEAH we offer many opportunities to bring children, parents, and families together to get to know each other, to support one another, and sometimes just to have fun. Here are some of the regular activities and events you'll find at PCC LEAH.

Mom’s Share / Care Nights

Mom's only come together at member homes for intimate discussions about each others home school experiences. This relaxed setting allows moms to openly share and help each other out.

PCC LEAH Nights Out

Whether the nights out is for moms, dads, couples, or whole families these member sponsored events are a great way to get to know each other in a fun informal setting. Come enjoy yourself with good fellowship and make good friends.

Moms in Prayer

This mom's prayer support group meets during Friday co-op sessions and once a month at some other time so all may participate. Mom's lift each other up in prayer as well as their children, the chapter, and families.

PCC LEAH On-line & Social

Today we communicate not only in person or on the phone, but also through various on-line media. 

PCC LEAH Web Site - That's where you are right now! The web site is designed to be a source of information for those seeking a new home school group as well as a home school reference hub for PCC LEAH members.

Google Calendar - members can find upcoming events and scheduled activities on the PCC LEAH calendar.

PCC LEAH on Facebook - friend us on Facebook and come share experiences and make connections.

PCC LEAH Announcements - a Google Group sends out official email correspondence from chapter leadership or from the LEAH organization to our membership.

PCC LEAH Exchange Google Group - members can post home school related items for sale, seek out materials from other members, or exchange ideas, seek out advice, or make others aware of activities they might be interested in.

Chapter Family Events

Seasonal events are planned for member families with an attempt to appeal to all ages.

Fall Picnic - To kick off the school year we hold a picnic in a local park. Entertainment, games and food are all part of the fun. A time to meet new and old friends and also meet the board/leadership of PCC LEAH.

Square Dance - Come on down everyone, young and old, and try your hand at square dancing (well, mostly try your feet). There's dancing, food, games and activities for the youngins.

Ice Cream Social - A fitting end to the school year, an ice cream celebration for all ages at a local park.

Senior High Formal

PCC LEAH's annual high school prom. Member students and their guests in grades 9th-12th and who are at least 14 years old may attend. Dress is formal and dinner is served. Instruction in ball room dancing is given. There is also chaperoned dancing to popular music. The event is typically held at a local country club. Fund raisers are held during the school year to provide funds for the event.

Senior High Darien Lake Trip

Member high school home school students spend a day of fun at Darien Lake. Families may attend but the event is chaperoned so students may come individually for the day.